Do you have a business idea in mind but don’t know how to proceed?

Do you need help with writing a well-structured business plan that you can use when pitching your idea to a potential investor or a business partner?

This free training is for you! 

Turn your idea into a business plan is a 2 h hour training session designed for those who are in the beginning stage of starting a business.

A well-written business plan is essential when applying for the TE-office Startup grant

We highly recommend this training session if you are planning to apply for the TE-office Startup Grant. A well-written business plan combined with accurate profitability calculations will help you in the application process.

>> Please register for the training session via this link.

If you’ve already started writing a business plan, please bring it with you on the live webinar and join others alike to develop it further.

During this training session we’ll focus on how to turn ideas into a proper plan:

Class 1: From an idea into a description

Class 2: Profitability calculations

The webinar duration is 2 hours and is suitable for anyone with an idea for business.

When? November 30th 2021,  10.00 – 12.00.

>> Please register for the training session via this link.