Take a leap in development! From time to time it is useful to take up the challenges and opportunities of your company with an experienced developer. A goal-oriented one-to-one discussion with a business coach or an expert who knows the SME world gives you a boost and provides you with new information to go forward with your enterprise.

EnterpriseEspoo runs Business Clinics free of charge – coaching for entrepreneurs, open to all companies.

The clinics aim to:

• clarify the entrepreneur’s direction
• look for new solutions for development, change or crisis situations
• provide information on available development services, support and training opportunities as well as sources of finance.

Business Clinics are generally available in Finnish and in English, but you can ask us about possible optional languages.
More information and time reservation:
010 3366 550

EnterpriseEspoo’s BUSINESS CLINICS

Boost Up! Clinic – Information on business development and  consulting services provided by ELY-keskus

Innovation clinic – From invention to commercial product

Public Procurement clinic – How to gain an advantage in public tenders

Internationalisation clinic – Venture smoothly onto the international market

Law clinic – First advice on all legal questions

Marketing clinic – Boost your sales and marketing

Change of Business Ownership clinic – Smooth acquisitions and change of ownership

Finding the best digital tools for your company / SaaS Clinic

Skills Development Omnia’s services for entrepreneurs