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Please note! At the moment all services are provided online and via telephone. If you need advisory services in person, please contact your Business Advisor directly. 

If you wish, you can book a meeting with a particular advisor.

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If you are planning to establish a business, you should have at least a preliminary business plan in writing. E-mail your business plan to our advisor 1 to 2 days before the meeting. See information about start-up grants here.

If your enterprise is already in business, please send your business plan and the most recent financial statements to our business advisor 1 to 2 days before the meeting.

You can cancel the appointment by going to “My Bookings” on the top right corner of the calendar and using the code you will get in your confirmation email.

Customer service line: 010 3366550 (mon 11:00 – 16:00, tue – fri 9:00 – 16:00)

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Iiro Oura
Iiro OuraCustomer Coordinator - appointment booking

The first three seconds are crucial for the client experience. Frequently, I am the client’s first contact on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. My experience includes demanding customer service jobs within banking and sales. I always encounter a client as a person who expects to be treated as an individual with goals and requirements to be taken seriously. I am also fond of cooking and cars.
Business advice in Finnish and English

Matias Holmqvist
Matias Holmqvist Business Advisor, M.Sc.(Econ.)

I’m an analytical business developer, marketing man and strategist. My job is to guide promising entrepreneurs and to develop their business. I also have experience of start-up entrepreneurship. Coaching and problem solving are my passions. I have business and entrepreneurship in my blood. I am the managing director and investor of my own life. In my spare time I develop myself holistically. I am a supporter of Blackburn Rovers FC, whose motto is “Arte et Labore”.
Business advice in Finnish, Swedish and English

Päivi Lahtelin-Laine
Päivi Lahtelin-Laine Business Advisor, M.Soc.Sc

I am a business advisor transplanted in Espoo after my childhood in Vihti and studies in Tampere. Seeing my father’s enterprise has had a strong influence on me since childhood. In my own work I want to support and encourage people who want to be entrepreneurs. Every time I see that a client I coached has established a business, I feel elated. Even though my role in starting the business is modest, it is somehow empowering to have been a support for someone who is embarking on the road to entrepreneurship and creating a new enterprise in the region. I want to contribute to the creation of sustainable and profitable enterprises and jobs, one company at a time. Business advice in Finnish and English

Irene Matinpalo
Irene Matinpalo Business Advisor, Master of Laws

The number of immigrant entrepreneurs is increasing, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area. I coach immigrants, and it is very rewarding to help them on their way to entrepreneurship. One of the bonuses of my job is to meet active people from different cultural backgrounds. My special areas are sales and marketing as well as risk management and permit issues. My working background is international and focused on financial administration, sales, management and consultancy. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2004. Earlier, I worked as a lawyer in a law firm. Business advice in Finnish, English and Russian.

Mona Mohamed
Mona MohamedEvents and communications coordinator
Erkki Pärssinen
Erkki Pärssinen Managing Director, Master of Arts

I am the Managing Director of EnterpriseEspoo, Federation of Enterprises in Espoo and Federation of Metropolitan Enterprises. I maintain an active dialogue with city representatives, authorities and other partners in order to promote better conditions for entrepreneurship and enterprises in Finland and especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Over the years, my broad network of partners has improved the conditions for reaching these goals. I also serve on the boards and governing boards of a number of organisations. I encourage everyone in the words of the Tottenham Hotspurs slogan: “To dare is to do!”

Ville Tolvanen
Ville TolvanenBusiness Advisor, MA, M.Sc.(Econ.), CBM

Entrepreneurship in the creative industries is important in the region of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi. The creative industries include sectors like culture, arts, music, crafts and sports. I provide business coaching for entrepreneurs to start and develop profitable business. My emphasis is on creative businesses, but I am glad to help anyone considering entrepreneurship or developing business operations

Business must be profitable in the creative industries as well. I provide you my 10+ years experience in business companies, non-profit organisations and society. Moreover, I have specialized in communications and development in companies, organizations and the public sector.

Business advice in Finnish and English

Nikke Vainikka
Nikke VainikkaBusiness Advisor, MBA

I greatly respect every person who becomes an entrepreneur. I offer guidance and advice in the complexities of Finnish society and business life above all to persons with a migrant background, but to all other entrepreneurs and persons wishing to become entrepreneurs as well. I understand that it can feel challenging to start a business in a foreign environment, as I have for years worked as entrepreneur abroad.

I also offer sparring to companies aiming at international growth, especially those wishing to establish operations in China. I have worked within the manufacturing industry, tourist industry and business services, but I consider helping new companies establish themselves in China and Hong Kong my greatest achievement.

Languages: Finnish, English, Chinese