Coronavirus support for sole entrepreneurs – how to apply

Sole entrepreneurs can now apply for coronavirus crisis support of 2000 euros. Your application, grant decision and possible payment will be processed by the municipality where your business is currently registered according to the YTJ register.

Please note: only applications submitted through below links will be reviewed. 

If your company is registered in Espoo, please apply via this link.

If your company is registered in Kauniainen, please apply via this link.

If your company is registered in Kirkkonummi, please apply via this link .

The City of Espoo opened the application process for operating support for sole entrepreneurs on Friday 24 April 2020 at 2.00 pm. Prospective applicants should prepare well in advance.

A helpline for operating support for sole entrepreneurs was opened on Monday, 20 April 2020,
tel. 09 816 40500. The helpline is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 15:00.

What can the support be used for?

The financial support for sole entrepreneurs is a lump sum of  2000 euros to cover the costs of running  one’s business. The grant is aimed to help with fixed expenses such as rent on premises, equipment acquired for business operations, as well as accounting and office expenses. Monthly salary cannot be included in the costs, but the support can be used for all other costs.

The review of the application can take up to 3 – 4 weeks, however,  you can already start preparing your application by collecting the following information:

  • A short description of your business and how it has been affected by the pandemic
  • De minimis aid (e.g. start-up grant) previously received during the current year and the previous two tax years
  • Business stabilization plan (how you intend to use the possible grant)
  • Financial statements 2019 / latest financial statements or tax return 2019 / latest tax return
  • Copies of accounts and / or statements of account to verify how sales and costs have developed in 2020
  • Tax debit certificate

When applying, you must certify that the information is correct.

What are the conditions on the support?

The grant is conditional on the sole entrepreneur’s financial situation and turnover deteriorating as a result of the coronavirus epidemic after 16 March 2020 and that the sole entrepreneur is considered to have a profitable business.

The financial situation is interpreted to have deteriorated if the company’s sales revenue has fallen by more than 30 percent and the expenses remained at almost the same level. The income is compared to the 2019 financial statements.

If the business has started after 31 December 2019, another reliable statement (e.g. an account statement) must be submitted. In order to be eligible for this support, you cannot be in financial difficulty. If you have a tax debt, you must have a tax debt payment plan approved by the Tax Administration before you apply.

Who can receive support?

The support is available to a full-time self-employed entrepreneur operating in Finland who does not have a salaried workforce. Full-time entrepreneurship means that the entrepreneur is on the YEL register or that the applicant can present a minimum of EUR 20000 entrepreneurial income or invoicing. The support does not depend on the legal form of your business, it is applicable for private trader, business names, limited partnerships and joint stock companies.

The grant can also be awarded to the so-called “kevytyrittäjä” (light entrepreneur) who are self-employed and entrepreneurial without setting up a business. A freelance entrepreneur can also receive support when he or she works as a self-employed person, with a business name (self-employed or a trader), a partnership (public limited company, limited partnership), a limited company or a cooperative.

Can I apply for the unemployment benefit as well?

An entrepreneur can apply for both sole entrepreneur support and unemployment benefit. They are not reconciled: getting one does not affect getting the other or the amount of it.

Can a part-time sole entrepreneur receive sole entrepreneur support?

Not eligible because full-time entrepreneurship is required for support.

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