I am looking for start up minded people who could give me an interview and that way help me with the PhD thesis research.

I am a German PhD researcher at Aalto University, and I am currently working on my PhD thesis. The topic of my research is early motivations and factors connected to engaging in starting a company. I would like to hear what pushes you to be an entrepreneur and what gives you motivation.

The interview would take about 30 minutes and would be done in English. The results of the interview will be part of my PhD thesis. No names will be mentioned and your anonymity is guaranteed.

I’m looking for people whose business idea is still in the idea phase and no sales have taken place yet. It does not matter if you have already registered your company or not. It would be beneficial if you already have a business plan, a homepage, a kind of prototype or any other kind of first steps done. But those are not necessary.

If you are interested in giving an interview, please contact by email: thomas.hoeger@aalto.fi

Thanks so much for your support and help.

Best greetings,

Thomas Hoeger