How to start a business? How do you turn a business idea into a business plan? How do you arrange financing for your enterprise? Who helps you with bookkeeping, legal matters or marketing? What obligations does an entrepreneur have?

How to start a business?

EnterpriseEspoo provides you with a group of expert advisors. You can kick around development ideas with us, get advice on choosing the form of company you register, e.g. a trade name or a limited company. You will benefit from seeing us even before you apply for a start-up grant. Together we can find an answer to your question “How to start a business in Finland?”

Your business advisor will coach you on preparing a business plan and will check your profitability and financing calculations. You also have access to our local network of experts, who can help you with contract law, marketing and bookkeeping. The first consulting meeting with a network expert is free of charge.

We recognise start-ups among new companies and give them advice on establishing a company and provide coaching in matters of raising start-up granting. Our extensive partner network includes start-up consultants to help you on the way.

We provide professional business advice to immigrants on matters related to permits, for instance. We provide advice in Finnish, Swedish, English, Chinese and Russian. Our services have been certified by Inspecta.

We regularly arrange information sessions on entrepreneurship, which give you the opportunity to build networks and improve your business skills. Welcome!

EnterpriseEspoo’s services are personal, confidential and free of charge.

This is how we work:

  1. Book a meeting at our office in Espoo or Kirkkonummi municipal hall.
    You get more out of your meeting if you have a preliminary business plan with you.
  2. Meeting your business advisor
    We will discuss your needs, look at your plans and set out the next steps.
  3. Meeting an expert in the network
    Your business advisor may recommend additional discussions with, for instance, a bookkeeper, an insurance company, a PR firm, a bank or a lawyer.
  4. Further coaching
    You can visit us as often as you need coaching with your company. We are also available after the establishing phase.