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Did you know we also provide services for existing companies? We guide you through all points of your company’s life-cycle, when you face questions concerning financing, internationalisation or a change of ownership. Call our advisors before applying for financing from a bank or from Finnvera. Existing companies are also free to use the services of our extensive network of experts. When your company needs new offices, call us. We may be able to help you.

Sometimes it is simply good to talk about running a business with an outside expert. Our experienced advisors are here to guide you and, if necessary refer you for further consultation to the appropriate support service or consultants, if the case is challenging.

You can also participate in the free Business Clinics, tailored for small and medium-sized companies. You get personal help with marketing, changes of ownership, internationalisation, commercialisation of innovations, growth, legal matters, and public procurement. We also arrange various kinds of business events with Federation of Enterprises in Espoo (Espoon Yrittäjät). Most of the events are in Finnish.

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