In addition to our business coaching, you may need specialised advice, for instance on matters of law, change of ownership or IPR. Our business advisor may refer you to a professional in our network. The first consulting meeting with a network expert is free of charge. Further consultations are charged separately.

Accounting firms/Financial Management/Audit

Isolta is a web-based, free invoicing software for every entrepreneur. It offers the most trouble-free way to start a company’s invoicing.

In addition to diverse invoicing features, Isolta has a wide range of other features such as a contact- and product register, a list of invoices, an accounting report, and the possibility to send offers. With Isolta you can send invoices in paper, by e-mail or as an e-invoice – from anywhere, anytime. All your invoices are safe in one place. The free version allows you 10 invoices per year and when your amount of invoices increase, you can purchase a paid version that allows you more annual invoices.

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A bookkeeping agency that’s as good as its word 

Paritilit offers accounting and payroll services for small, medium-sized and large enterprises. We also help our clients plan their finances and assist them in legal and contractual matters, as well as in complicated tax questions. We use modern tools and software that also makes our clients’ business operations more efficient.

Paritilit works consistently, with good planning and systematically. Our high-quality and cost-effective services are well-known. Paritilit is a reliable partner – when we pledge to do something, we keep our promises.

Welcome to join our group of satisfied clients!

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Visma Passeli is a software company with a mission to create user friendly and affordable software for small and medium sized businesses.

We can provide the right tools for financial management, invoicing, webpages, webshop and online booking.

Expanding the software is easy as your business grows. Our wide selection of services makes sure you get help all the way from initialization to actual use.

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Accountia Partners is an efficient and good quality accounting company in Helsinki, Konala. Most of our customers are small to middle-sized companies. We offer services in Finnish, Swedish and English. You can choose from traditional bookkeeping to completely electronic service.

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Leinosella on tilitoimisto 12 Euroopan maassa. Tarjoamme laadukkaita kirjanpito- ja palkanlaskentapalveluja. Jos tavoitteenasi on tehdä yrityksesi toiminnasta jossain vaiheessa kansainvälistä, Leinonen on sinulle oikea kumppani. Suomessa palvelemme asiakkaitamme suomeksi, englanniksi, venäjäksi, espanjaksi, ruotsiksi ja viroksi. Meillä on kokemusta myös Tekes / Business Finland -raportoinnin kirjanpidolle asettamista vaatimuksista. Ota yhteyttä, niin keskustellaan yrityksesi tarpeista!


Marketing, communication, www-pages

Are your challenges being too busy and having a small marketing budget? Is it difficult to decide what to do yourself and what to outsource? My advertising agency’s target groups are small and new companies. You get a free consultation and instructions to the basic things you want to do yourself. Good planning ensures consistency throughout marketing and saves you time and money.

You can reach me at, tel. 045-6334839

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Kamon is specialized in helping companies with product commercialization and any kind of marketing challenges. We create effective strategies and plans that are easily put into execution – if needed, we handle the whole process for you. Our main focus is on creating results cost-efficiently.

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Kupli is a marketing communications agency based in Helsinki with a focus on digital marketing and social media. We plan marketing strategies to fit our client’s business objectives and we product content to fit the marketing strategy. We are focused on offering the following services:

–    Marketing strategy planning and implementation

–    Social media strategy planning and content production

–    Instagram, Facebook & Google advertising

We ensure that your marketing and social media presence is excellent and follows your business strategy. We serve you with best possible customer service — we are here for your business.

Markkinointistartti auttaa aloittavia yrittäjiä markkinoinnin ensivaiheissa. Kauttamme saat yritysilmeen logoineen ja käyntikortteineen, valokuvat tuotteista ja henkilöistä, responsiiviset verkkosivut sekä sisällöt markkinointimateriaaleihin ja some-kanaviin. Luomme markkinointitoimillesi pohjan, josta ammennat näkyvyyttä pitkään.

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Galimatias Concept Oy Ab offers training in all EU-languages and in Russian, Chinese and Japanese as well as cultural competence courses and seminars for business and government. We tailor our training to fit the specific needs of our clients. Through our learning platform OnEdu it is also possible to study online or as blended learning.

Our offices are located in Helsinki and Turku. Our clients are representing all sectors all over Finland, from small and medium sized companies to large, international organisations.

Galimatias started operations in 1996 and since 2013 we also offer integration training in Finnish for immigrants living in Finland.

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Human Insight  provides support in mental wellbeing, wellbeing at work and issues related to human resources / personnel management. Whether you have just started your business or have a longer experience as an entrepreneur, we support you in all the stages of your business.

We are your coaching partner e.g. when you feel stuck, are experiencing stress or mental fatigue, have challenges in work-life balance, works seems to be taking too much time and energy or you don’t know where to take your business next. You have already all the solutions in you, by understanding how the mind works you are able to see how to access your full capacity and what has been blocking you.

We also give guidance in various HR processes during different stages of your company’s journey. We give advice in separate questions or implement larger projects such as recruitments or creating employee guidelines. We train managers in HR issues and support in organizational change.

All services are available in English.

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Lokaatio is a commercial real estate brokerage company. We help organizations to find the most matching premises in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Service is free of charge for companies looking for a space. Find out more:

Suomen Yrityskaupat i.e Finnish Company Acquisition Ltd is the largest and most known specialized in SME change of ownership. Our services are all the areas of company sales such as consultation of buyers and sellers, analysis, target and price evaluations, financing and taxation consultation, planning business operation, compiling contracts and of course all the practical execution of the sale including marketing. Eight regional offices, located in the largest cities in Finland, serve our customers. In international operations we have experienced and trustworthy partners.

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Osaamistehdas Oy offers training and testing services. Our entrepreneur-led business is known for,, and Our area of operation covers whole Finland. We also manage modern and versatile meeting rooms in Helsinki.

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Technopolis is a shared workspace expert. We provide and flexible offices, coworking spaces and everything that goes with them. Our services run from designing the workspace to reception, meeting solutions, restaurants and cleaning. We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and value creation. Our 17 campuses host 1,600 companies with 50,000 employees in six countries within the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Technopolis Plc (TPS1V) is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.


Financing and insurances

Holvi is a groundbreaking service that offers an entrepreneur a versatile toolkit to manage your business finance. Holvi provides the tools both to gather income from your customers and to handle your expenses. The service includes a business current account with your own account number and payment features. Use Holvi as long as you see fit and beneficial without fixed term contracts.

Holvi provides a user friendly invoicing system and an online-store platform for you to gather income. With Holvi online-store you may sell your products or service easily with in-built payment methods. Tracking of your invoices becomes more efficient and effortless when you combine several different tools is in one service like Holvi. All transactions will be registered and Holvi provides you reports for bookkeeping.

Running a business requires spending and includes expenses and therefore managing your expenses is a vital part of the daily life of an entrepreneur. Holvi Business Mastercard® and Holvi mobile app together will make it very convenient. You can save and archive all your receipts digitally and keep them stored in order fro bookkeeping. Real-time notifications on your phone allows you to know when there is activity on your account.

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OP is a financial services group owned by its customers. We promote our owner-customers’ and operating environment’s sustainable financial prosperity, safety and wellbeing. Finnish roots, Finland’s most extensive service network and true customer focus make us a unique play in many ways.

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In addition to the experts, the EnterpriseEspoo network includes members who work with us to support entrepreneurship.