Entrepreneur, we are here to help – online advisory, guidance and links to tackle the problems caused by the pandemic

Local SME's are currently facing various challenges due to the pandemic and we at EnterpriseEspoo are prepared to help you by providing information on support opportunities, helping in finding solutions and, if necessary, referring you to the services provided by our extensive network of legal [...]

Entrepreneurship courses organised by Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees Business Program offers services for refugees and newcomers who are running a business in Finland or who are interested in starting a company, freelancing, or other income-generating activity. Entrepreneurship Course is for newcomers who want to start a business. Business [...]

Events and training courses for entrepreneurs and businesses published in a joint calendar

Espoo is testing a new digital event calendar that compiles information on events and training courses intended for local businesses, entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship. The calendar contains information on both physical and virtual networking events, entrepreneurship training courses, [...]

Recipes for Success from our experts: Pentti Komssi

Be brave and set your goals high. Arrange sales meetings only with people who actually make decisions. Remember to also participate in procurements that may at first sight seem a little too big. I can tell you how it is [...]

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