Go boldly forward! The biggest obstacle for entrepreneurship is the fear for success.

                                                                     Petri Lindgren,  Paritilit Oy



Who are you and what do you do?

Petri Lindgren, Paritilit Oy

Petri Lindgren, Paritilit Oy

We offer cost-efficient bookkeeping of high quality. Our other services comprise payroll accounting, legal services, CFO services and business development services during the entire life cycle of a company, from establishment to mergers and acquisitions. Our partnership consists of one or several services. Bookkeeping is the foundation of co-operation, on which we build a package of financial administration services that is suitable for your company. We see to it that our customers’ financial administration is managed on time and according to regulations. This way the entrepreneurs can concentrate on their own core business.

My recipe for success to an entrepreneur or someone planning to become an entrepreneur:

The biggest obstacle for entrepreneurship is the fear for success. Go boldly forward. Use external help when necessary, rather in advance than afterwards.

Things that inspire me (in addition to promoting entrepreneurship):

For an entrepreneur, each day is different – the number of new challenges and opportunities is endless.


Read more about the company at www.paritilit.fi

Paritilit operates in the south of Finland with seven offices in different locations. Our experts:

Petri Lindgren – bookkeeping, taxation, M&As and consolidated financial statements

Janne Kantero – CFO services, M&As, evaluations and business plans

Petteri Viljakainen – company law, M&As and labour law.