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A new entrepreneur can apply for a start-up grant from the TE Office. This discretionary grant is intended for the entrepreneur for personal use and there are no restrictions on the form of enterprise or branch of industry. A start-up grant is given to a person who operates a full-time, continuous business enterprise that has been deemed profitable. Before you apply for the grant, book a meeting with our advisor, who will look through your business plan. You need to send a copy of the business plan with your start-up grant application.

The grant application must be submitted before the enterprise is established. The financing of the enterprise and a place of business must also be arranged before the grant application is submitted. The grant is for a period of 6 months and is awarded for one or two periods.
If you have questions concerning the conditions of awarding the grant, please contact the TE Office: starttiraha.uusimaa @

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If you have received a start-up grant, you have access to the Start-up Plus service, a sales and marketing advisory service provided by the TE Office and available to new companies. A time will be booked for you with a business advisor to look at the status and marketing measures of your company. On the basis of your meeting, the business advisor will write a development plan for you, to provide you with new ideas for improving the sales and marketing of your company. It is definitely a good idea to make use of this free service!

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