Startup Talent Match Up Online

Looking for a Co-founder? Or want to join an early-stage startup? Business Espoo is organizing the first ever Startup Talent Match Up Online – a live networking event in which you get the chance to connect with like-minded people and find co-founders and/or team members! All you have to do is prepare your pitch and join us online on December 9th from 4PM to 6PM. Further details will be sent to you upon registration.

This event is ideal for:

  • Connecting with startups and projects to work on
  • Cofounders and Team Members
  • Finding beta users

Students, recent grads, working professionals and entrepreneurs are all welcomed to network and meet new connections – all online.

Interested? Awesome! Here are the details:

Location: Online (Microsoft Teams)

Format: Attendees get to pitch their startup idea and/or their professional skills as a potential team member.

Event languages: You can pitch in either English or Finnish.

The event is  moderated by Business Advisor and startup-specialist Matias Holmqvist.

We have two types of pitches at the event: ​ 

1) If you are looking for co-founders or team members for your startup, you will be given 3-5 minutes to pitch your business idea, your current team (if you already have one), what kind of people you are looking for and your compensation model. ​ 

2) If you are a talent looking for a startup to join, you have 1-2 minutes to present yourself. ​ 

The networking session allows the participants to exchange ideas and discuss plans for the future together. ​ 

The event is held in English and Finnish and you can join at no cost!


4 PM – 5 PM: pitches​ 

5 PM – 6 PM: Q&A and networking​ 

Make sure to book your spot at the event! >>

The event is held online via Microsoft Teams. You will receive a joining link in your email one day prior to the event.




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