Pitch Like a Pro! Free online workshop

When? Wednesday, 8.12. at 14:00 – 15:30.

Where? Online (Zoom)

The workshop is open to anyone who wants to learn how to pitch a business idea in an interesting way.

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As a budding entrepreneur, you often get to tell others about your business idea. These conversations are often crucial in getting your business off the ground. Your first paying customer, future team member, or mentor might be lurking in a meeting, after-work cocktails, or even at the gym.However, it’s not easy to pitch your idea in an interesting way. Surprisingly often, the innocent question ”What do you do?” will spark some shame and fear in the minds of entrepreneurs getting their businesses off the ground. This results in you missing out on sales opportunities, important contacts, and key learnings that could spur you on to new growth. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to pitch your idea in an interesting way. You’ll learn a simple tool that you can adopt right away, and practice it together with others who are on the same path. As a result, you’ll have a short pitch that you can confidently give anytime, anywhere. Then it will be much easier for you to discover sales opportunities, gain valuable new contacts, and open doors to higher growth. – You’ll craft your pitch and practice until it becomes second nature.– You’ll stop fearing the question ”What do you do?” and instead, will start looking forward to it. – You’ll find more clarity about what it actually is that you’re doing. You’ll gain peace of mind, confidence, and clarity.

>> Registration is open – book your spot today!


Miika Karppinen
Juuso Kurttila


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